We create security space

Protected stationary sites in figures :
66 multiple different- scale sites.
Belong to 8 main industries: automobile manufacturing, food, perfumery and cosmetics, household chemistry production, public health, logistics, retail.

Types of sites:
Industrial enterprises with complex infrastructure including manufacturing, warehouses, high risk areas, office premises, crowded areas, premises subleased by customer and therefore un-subjected to scope on security companys activities but important to site security in whole.
Warehouse complexes.
Logistics centers.
Building sites.
Health care institutions.
Entertainment centers.
Cottage settlements.
Town houses.

We execute physical protection of stationary sites:
For customer property safety and maintenance of his work continuity.
Through following measures:
Access control mode for employees and site visitors, auto transport inspection at entry/exit.
Buildings and premises on site, outdoor property  taken over protection.
Use of security technical means.
Maintenance of internal security mode established by site management.
Prevention and suppression of unlawful actions.
Prompt response provision in emergencies and first medical aid.
Cooperation with Prompt Response Groups if needed.
Medical documentation maintenance in order to analyse his work, to improve it and make suggestions on security improvement following dymanics of site production processes.