We create security space

Protection against terrorism
Public events protection assures event safety and prevents possible conflicts. It is needed in crowded areas to maintain order, to suppress acts of terrorism, emergency risks  and panic.

We secure:
Cultural events (concerts, exhibitions, corporate parties)
Meetings (conferences, business-meetings, international music competitions)
Advertising events (presentations of foreign publishers)
Private events (weddings, jubilees)
Sports competitions

Our activities on public event security assurance:
-  Research of event location.
- Analysis of  potential risks and threats, possibilities of unauthorized intrusion of strangers,
   commitment of acts of terrorism, fan clashes.
- Development of preventive measures plan, cooperation ways with personal security guards
  of VIP-persons if those attend event and with law enforcements authorities in case of
- Deliberation of this plan with event organizer.

Our experience
 We assure security of  Federation karate-do Sin-Syobu sports tournaments in Moscow and Moscow area more than 10 years, top-managers of foreign companies attend them and enthralled by this sports;
We secured order in course of International Music Competition n.a. P.I.Tchaikosvky
In Moscow multiply and presentation of fashion foreign publishing house in Moscow.