We create security space

Legal basis
Security companies can render citizen life and health protection services (personal security)
according to the Law of the Russian Federation On Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation of 11.03.92 2487-I (red. Of 03.11.2011).


Our commitments to protect your life and health
Work according to RF legislation, confidentiality.
Customs solutions.
Highly-skilled professionals advanced special juridic, psychological, physical, operational,
  firing training; defensive driving; capable of taking operational measures to protect in
Reliable protection.

Our actions
Research of customer residence, job site, frequented places, itineraries, revelation of
  dangerous places.
Personal security plan development including emergencies and unforeseen situations
  and threat suppression measures.
Coordination of customer actions under threat and ways of his retreat.
Study of customer contacts, inspection of his transport.
Availability of special communications means, navigation, transport, arms (at customer  
Security assurance around-the-clock.
Cooperation with law enforcement authorities.

Our staff
Specially trained employees capable to anticipate threats and to act efficiently in specific  situations  protecting you.
Bodyguards, drivers-bodyguards.
Our customers
Business owners, top-managers, candidates for deputy, persons of show-business, family members; those who are in risk area.