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Emergence Response
Prompt Response Group (PRG) is a mobile emergency response unit for juridical and physical persons at sudden arisen crisis situations.
Our Prompt Response Groups execute specific security assurance tasks when escorting VIP -persons, solve problem situations in road accidents, physical menace, domestic incidents.
Prompt Response Group consists of qualified employees which are quick at response to change of operational situation. Crews work around-the-clock, have service fire arms and special means, protective means and communication equipment, moving in modern vehicles.

Emergence Response
Prompt Response Groups are needed to provide emergence response. PRG acts after reception of emergency alarm from Security Monitoring Duty Officer. Group responds to provide assistance.  

PRGs functions
1. In emergencies:
    sites incidents;
    execution of covering operations with regard to employees and companys customers on
     all secured sites;
    road accidents with participation of customers representative;
    kidnapping (hostage taking);
    traumas, sudden uneasiness connected with impossibility of movement;
    fire breaking-out;
    execution of sudden arisen risky missions with use of VIP-person personal security
    where strengthening of site security is required.

2. While taking sweep operations:
    in criminal actions in regard to secured property or persons (attacks, robberies, thefts,
    in cooperation with law enforcement bodies in course of sweep operations and
       investigative actions on scene of event.


3. Collection, systemization and analysis of actionable information (on criminal situation on site, attempts of unlawful actions, suspect vehicles and persons, identification of these persons).

4. Appreciation of security and riskiness on secured sites.