We create security space

is demanded to avoid losses. In operation in all kinds of transport. Cargo attendant security guards are armed generally and according to customer wishes. Security guards put arms for safekeeping only in airport before flight and receive them after landing.


Logistics & warehouse companies, oil products carriers, collectors main service consumers.

Cargo escort includes:
- Receipt of customer information on itinerary; delivery kind; cargo kind; terms; delivery time
  and place; drivers; transpiring/receiving persons.
- Cargo itinerary development.
- Inspection of cargo transport, its integrity, seal availability; number of seal.
- Conclusion of contract for cargo escort.


Cargo escort vehicle with armed crew has being provided by agreement with customer  in particular cases.

This protection service ranges with personal security and is based on related set of personal security measures. ˃˃more
This service is similar with personal protection but has its specificity  because it is the most
demanded service during VIP-persons/their families/delegations  short-term stay in Moscow and their trips on RF territory.
Escort officers are mobile, meet VIP-persons wherever in RF, possess transport.

Top-managers of foreign companies our customers in Russia;
Top-managers of foreign companies which appeal to us on recommendation of our customes
in Russia;
Participants of international competitions and presentations of foreign publishers
service consumers.