We create security space
Range of services:

Protection of multiple stationary sites. 
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Property protection.
                                                                                                          ˃˃ more
Personal life and health protection.
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Public events protection.
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Cargo & persons protection,
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 Security monitoring.
Design, installation, maintenance of
security technical means.
Security alarm network.
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Prompt Response Group,
emergency response.
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Detective and investigative services.
Involvement of physical protection services occurs either in complex or  in package chosen together with customer. In practice each physical protection project is distinct.
Each separate service is a complex of measures.
We offer complex of physical protection services with account of site particularities and customer wishes, improved or new services. We assure physical protection by efforts of proficients experienced in law enforcement bodies and licensed security guards. All of them receive training and pass through physical drill, check on security assurance and first medical response in emergency situations.
Customer security assurance and maintenance of his reputation is a main thing for us within provision of physical protection services.