We create security space

Development stages

Group Krasny Storm is on market since 1997. Economic development gives rise to Group stages development and its services: from site stationary protection, personal life and health protection, public events  protection, cargo escort,  prompt response till detective and investigative services,  corporate and technic security assurance and increase of customers and tasks set before Group, leads to foundation of 11 security companies. Each of these companies assures customer complex security and specializes in some kind of service moreover, acts on independent basis or in cooperation with its enterprises  -partners in Group.
Krasny Storm today is a recognizable brand. We are entrusted.
Customer confidence gives always impulse to enlargement of Group range activities:
- 2006 - 2011 - St. Petersburg-  some customers enlarge their production and entrust
protection of their new sites .
- 2008 Moscow - other customer puts new manufacturing facilities into operation and entrusts us protection of new production.
- 2011 Ekaterinburg, Krasnodar, Central Region of Russia another customers entrust us protection of their sites in regions.


Our Competitive Advantages

- Provision of services on basis of combination of our own complex security assurance
  algorithms and foreign time-tested security assurance standards.
-  Security assurance of multiple sites of one customer including in regions.
- Activities  including ISO 9004 standards.
- Implementation of TQM (Total Quality Management) in aid of services quality
- Consulting on protection against unlawful infringement and expats security.
-  Offer of new services or security technical means.
- Seeing customer preferences and responding to them timely.

List of Physical Protection Services

Protection of multiple stationary sites of one customer.
Property protection.
Personal life and health protection.
Public events protection.
Cargo & personal protection,
 Security monitoring.
Design, installation, maintenance of
security technical means.
Security alarm center.
Prompt Response Group,
emergency response.
Detective and investigative services.

Services Consumers:
Enterprises, specially, large-scale.
Physical persons.