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Group Krasny Storm: foundation & development

Group of Security Companies Krasny Storm is an association of private security enterprises originated in 1997. Founded  primarily Private Security Company "Krasny Storm "  entitled whole Group of  Companies subsequently. KS management created operationally private security companies and organizations for tasks set before security company and in response  to customers request , attended to task solutions and security services differentiation. Marked by availability of long-term customers significant enterprises with complex infrastructure.  


Group Krasny Storm in facts:

  • Founded in 1997
  • 11 security companies
  • 6 territorial branches
  • Renders full range of security services
  • Acts on basis of our own developments
      complex security assurance algorithms
      and ISO 9004 standards
  • Guided by TQM*(Total Quality Management)
      in aid of services quality improvement
  • Affiliated to Krasny Storm Holding

Private Security Companies of Group Krasny Storm

LLC PSC Krasny Storm
LLC PSC Blue Vulture
LLC PSC Krasny Storm Region
LLC PSC Blue Vulture Capital
LLC PSC Krasny Storm Capital
LLC PSC Blue Vulture Region
LLC PSC Krasny Storm Center
LLC PSC Blue Vulture Moscow
LLC PSC Krasny Storm Moscow
LLC PSC White Whirlwind
LLC PSC Krasny Storm Volga


LLC Cybernetic World
LLC Cybernetic World Monitoring
LLC Pozhokhrana
LLC Imperial Investigation
LLC Secor